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Obedience Studies (01:16)


On August 7, 1961, Stanley Milgram conducted a dramatic experiment and made shocking discoveries. His obedience studies demonstrated that evil deeds did not have to come from evil people.

Banality of Evil (02:19)

Milgram's research begins as an attempt to gain a new perspective on the Holocaust. Political theorist Hannah Arend, is struck by the normalcy portrayed by Adolf Eichmann, architect of the Holocaust, during his trial in Jerusalem.

Stanley Milgram's Experiment (02:48)

The process of Milgram's experiment is explained. Psychiatrists predicted that only a psychopath would deliver the full, lethal, triple-x 450 volts. Sixty-five percent of normal participants gave the lethal shock, regardless of gender.

Agentic State (02:02)

In his 1974 book, "Obedience to Authority," Milgram explains this phenomenon. Milgram's theory goes unchallenged from almost 40 years.

Stanley Milgram's Prompts (01:56)

In Milgram's experiments, when participants hesitate over continuing, four carefully scripted prompts are used in escalating order. Every time the order prompt is given, people disobeyed.

Refusal to Follow Toxic Orders (01:49)

The voice of the experimenter wins out most of the time over the protest of the learner. In his text, "Obedience to Authority," Milgram lists 18 variances to the experiment.

Social Identity (03:42)

Modern social psychologists have been looking at how social identities may help explain obedience. This idea of identity is applied to Milgram's findings.

Adolf Eichmann's Idealism (03:13)

The theory of social identity is applied to the toxic obedience of the Holocaust. Eichmann claims he never realized what he was doing, a view Milgram agrees with. Current social psychologist question Eichmann's naiveté.

Credits: Beyond Milgram: Obedience and Identity (00:27)

Credits: Beyond Milgram: Obedience and Identity

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In early 1961 a young Yale University psychologist conducted a series of experiments that revealed a shocking truth to the world: ordinary people would do extraordinary acts of harm if ordered to do them by someone in authority. And for the following 40 years the standard interpretation of Stanley Milgram’s research was that it clearly demonstrated unquestioning “obedience to authority”. More recently, however, researchers such as Haslam and Reicher have questioned this idea. In this film, using a range of data from the original study, they take us “beyond Milgram” to explore a very different interpretation of his research—one that focuses as much on disobedience as obedience.

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