Segments in this Video

Client Communication (02:30)


Fifth-year students face public relations on their own. Two solo consults are recorded for assessment. American Barrett Owen is excited about the prospect.

Consultation Assessment (02:35)

Barrett takes on a challenging consultation, putting her people skills to the test. Barrett's performance is assessed by Dr. Annette Harris.

Snap Decisions in the Emergency Room (05:05)

At the Murdoch Emergency Center, Megan's first case is two-year-old Rusty, whose been attacked by another dog. Pressure increases as Rusty goes into a seizure, and his heart rate begins dropping.

Difficulty Delivering (02:04)

Fifth-year student Steff takes on the case of a two-year-old, Jack Russell terrier named Trixie, who is experiencing difficulties delivering her litter. An ultrasound reveals a puppy is not positioned correctly.

Field Work vs. Examinations (05:06)

Fourth-year students Pete and Jade await the results of their final exams. The results are shocking.

Process of Diagnosing (02:18)

Back in the emergency room, Trixie is still struggling with her breach birth. While Steff waits, Megan greets her next patient, Keg, who has a mysterious lump on his face.

Trixie Delivers a Puppy (02:12)

Megan preps Trixie for a cesarean procedure to deliver the remaining puppies. In the process, Trixie delivers a puppy and the cesarean is postponed.

Giving Bad News (02:20)

Megan decides to get a second opinion on Keg's facial lump. An ultrasound reveals the lump is possibly a tumor, and Megan must share the news with the owner.

House Visit (01:35)

Six weeks after Trixie's difficult labor, Steff makes a house call to see how she is. Steff is greeted by six happy and healthy puppies.

Credits: Vet School: Part 4 (00:40)

Credits: Vet School: Part 4

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Vet School: Part 4

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Veterinarian students at Murdoch University face the toughest year of their academic course. After four intense years of books, lectures, and theory, they will turn theory into practice. For the first time, students will be involved in all aspects of pet care; from critical operations to frontline emergency care, treating everything from farm births to severe animal trauma. In part four of this six-part series, Jade and Pete receive their scores for their fourth-year final exams, Megan must deliver bad news to a pet owner, and Steff takes on the challenge of delivering a breached puppy. 

Length: 28 minutes

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