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Predisposed to Violence (03:04)


In a blind trial, Profesor James Fallon is able to pick out brain scans of serial killers by noting a shared loss of functions in the orbital cortex and temporal lobes. The prefrontal cortex gives a person the ability to feel empathy.

Inherited Psychopathy (02:40)

Fallon discovers he has a family history of violence. He finds strong similarities between his and a serial killer's brain scans.

Warrior Gene (02:05)

Geneticist Han Brunner studies a family with an abundance of pathologically aggressive men. He discovers that violent men are missing a gene that produces MAO-A and regulates impulse control. Fallon discovers that he is missing this gene.

Nature Versus Nurture (01:59)

Fallon believes love is key to offsetting genetic psychopathy. He discusses his affectionate upbringing.

Recipe for a Serial Killer (02:01)

Listen to a list of qualities that could result in a serial killer. The list includes a neurodevelopmental brain disorder, genes associated with violence, and childhood experiences. Watch an experiment representing how this combination ignites into violence.

Scripting DNA (03:40)

Epigenetics helps to change the way genes are expressed. Behavior epigenetics studies how nurture can shape nature. Take a look at how rats nurture their young and turn on genes that help them handle stress.

Credits: Jim Fallon: Serial Killer? (00:40)

Credits: Jim Fallon: Serial Killer?

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Jim Fallon: Serial Killer?

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Are serial killers literally different from the rest of us? And, if so, how are they different? Neuroscientist Jim Fallon thought he'd uncovered the defining characteristics of the "killer brain," only to discover later that he too had the the brain and the genes of what he calls a "really bad news character." So why wasn't Fallon a killer? This film uses Jim Fallon's story to explore this question, illuminating the neurological and genetic bases of aggression, nature/nurture and epigenetics along the way, and giving a new angle on the age old question of whether what happens to us in early childhood can send us in one direction or another.   

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