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"The George" (01:38)


Patrons celebrate at the gay pub. Ireland is the only country to say yes to same sex marriage in a popular vote.

Marriage Equality Referendum (03:37)

Voters in Ireland approved same sex marriage by 62%; homosexual acts were considered a crime until 1993. Jimmy O'Brien and Tony McCann have been together for 17 years and are planning to marry; they reflect on the implications of the referendum.

Family Dynamics (02:44)

O'Brien and McCann's families are supportive of their relationship. Sissy O'Brien discusses confirming her son was gay and her relationship with the Catholic Church.

Yes! Campaign (04:29)

Sexual abuse scandals and modernity weakened the influence of the Catholic Church. Parishioners in Enniscorthy walked out in response to the Bishop's letter about the marriage equality referendum. O'Brien and McCann join the gay pride parade in Dublin.

St. Patrick’s College Maynooth (02:31)

Few young Irish men want to enroll in the college that has trained priests for centuries. Father Twomey reflects on the younger generation and same sex marriages. Many believe the revelation of sexual abuse and cruelty scandals in the Church weakened the Church's authority.

"David vs. Goliath" (03:03)

In Ireland, 84% of the population identifies as Catholic; only 41% attend mass. Father Twomey discusses the Church's influence in the Yes! Campaign; it used social media to humanize its cause. Hear differing opinions on homosexual ideology.

"No" Campaign (02:32)

Conservative campaigners march in a pro-life rally. Keith Mills discuses redefining marriage and the marriage equality referendum.

Older Generation Voices (03:32)

Paddy and Brig White became viral video stars during the marriage equality referendum campaign; see portions of their YouTube ad. They discuss their relationship with the Church.

Social Change in Ireland (01:26)

O'Brien and McCann look forward to their wedding. The marriage equality referendum changed perceptions.

Credits: Ireland: The Emerald Aisle (00:23)

Credits: Ireland: The Emerald Aisle

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Should same sex couples marry? Conservative Ireland has come out with a resounding "I do." Sally Sara journeys across Ireland to discover why this deeply Catholic country became the first in the world to say "yes" to gay marriage in a popular vote.

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