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Huey P. Newton: Prelude to Revolution: Introduction (02:30)


Viewers are oriented to the interview conducted in the Oakland jail. Newton reflects on the plight of black Americans and moving toward a revolution.

Is the White Right Wing using Black Militants to Wage War? (03:40)

Newton says a full-scale war against blacks has been occurring for 400 years; fanatics will not have a significant impact on the black community. Newton discusses the killing of "Little Bobby" Hutton; see footage of the Oakland apartment after the police raid.

Young Revolution or Race War? (03:06)

Newton discusses the "white intellectual response to the liberation of the colony." He discusses the difficulty of dividing race issues from economic struggle.

What Can the Revolutionary Group do to Protect its Leaders? (03:01)

Newton states that the vanguard of the revolution is the strength of the people; the black community should protect its leaders. He discusses the black community rising up to eliminate corrupt officials and "evil gentry;" he cites activities in Bolivia and Cuba.

What Motivates You? (02:08)

Newton discusses his early involvement with a Black Nationalist group. He became aware of racism and exploitation and decided to work toward a solution.

Black Panther Leadership Dynamics (01:45)

Newton discusses the relationship between party members. He believes the party understands "the system" better than any other organization and is trying to form a strong political foundation based in the community.

Why Does the System Breed Racism? (02:39)

Newton states that in the U.S., racism is a historical element stimulated by greed. He discusses the "twisted mind" of the European and its correlation with religious conflicts.

Black Panther's Political Program (04:25)

Newton states that Black Panthers are not racist and are willing to work with any revolutionaries; the goal is freedom. Newton describes black Americans as colonized and discusses the Black Panther Party's desire to develop political power.

What if White People Stop Hiring Black People? (01:47)

Newton believes the black community is suffering from malnutrition and poor education because of economic strain. He discusses the starting point for black Americans.

Start of a Revolution? (03:30)

Newton believes black Americans are working toward liberation; he predicts a full scale revolution if there is no immediate change. He discusses the involvement of middle class black Americans and the young.

How do You Feel about Sitting in Court? (01:53)

Newton finds little difference in his "lack of freedom on the streets" and his incarceration. He believes black people will not receive justice in the current court system, but hopes for ratification.

Jailhouse Environment (04:03)

Newton discusses the effects of incarceration. He states incarcerated blacks are political prisoners and fighting a black cause; the responsibility for institutional change falls on the black youth. See footage of Black Panther Party members and the movement to free Newton.

Credits: Huey P. Newton: Prelude to Revolution (00:08)

Credits: Huey P. Newton: Prelude to Revolution

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Black Panther Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton was incarcerated in the Oakland jail after police stormed a house to round up Black Panther leaders. John Evans' never-before-seen interview with the jailed revolutionary and founder of the Black Panther Party reveals Newton's perspective on the plight of black Americans, the purpose of the Panther Party, and the progression toward revolution.

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