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NCR: Not Criminally Responsible: Introduction (01:45)


Sean Clifton is a mentally ill patient that committed a horrific act of violence. Det. Staff Sgt. Shawn White states that police often found Clifton acting in a bizarre manner in a public place.

Savage Attack (03:04)

White discusses the call that a woman was being stabbed in front of Walmart and the decision to send Clifton to the Brockville Mental health Center. Andy and Noella Bouvier describe the incident as a random act of violence. See interrogation footage of Clifton after the stabbing.

Brockville Mental Health Center (04:09)

Brockville is a forensic psychiatry unit. Clifton has a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. Experts discuss his medication, response, disconnect, and daily rituals.

Julie Bouvier and Sean Clifton (03:44)

Bouvier had six stab wounds and two surgeries; her family supported her through everything. Mike Whalen discusses Clifton's obsessive compulsive behavior. Clifton discusses confronting his fears and overcoming his ritualistic behavior.

Reentering the Community (03:38)

Bouvier recalls seeing Clifton at his sanity hearing and feeling safe when he went to Brockville; she was upset when she learned he was going to be released. Experts discuss releasing patients from the psychiatric hospital.

Living in Brockville (03:10)

Clifton shares an apartment with another patient; taking medication is important for his stability. Janet Cooper monitors Clifton's medications and behavior. Bouvier reflects on her fear of Clifton.

Clifton's Progress (02:28)

Clifton has an undemanding job at a car wash. He discusses his love of language and the onset of his illness in 1993.

Annual Review Board Hearing (03:18)

Clifton meets with Dr. A.G. Ahmed before his hearing; he is applying for a change of status. Andy and Noella Bouvier attend the hearing.

Psychiatric Illness (02:17)

Clifton discusses the review board's denial of a conditional discharge and describes his mental state at the time of the stabbing. Cooper discusses Clifton's concerns.

Clifton's Remorse (02:55)

Clifton wants to apologize to the Bouvier family. Julie Bouvier and White wonder why Clifton attacked.

Clifton's Early Years (03:53)

Clifton describes his personality, being a victim of bullying, and his mother's behavior. Clifton has had no relationships with women since his one girlfriend in high school.

Motivated by Disease (02:51)

Ahmed states that Clifton harbored the delusion that women "had special hatred for him;" Bouvier represented the people that hated Clifton. Clifton sought help before he attacked Bouvier but was denied.

Clifton Stabs Bouvier (02:59)

Clifton discusses losing control the night he attacked Bouvier. Bouvier recalls sensing danger and Clifton attacking her.

Violent Urge (02:17)

Clifton felt cornered into "doing some kind of violent thing;" he did not consider trying to get away after stabbing Bouvier. White discusses the difference between a mentally ill person and a non-mentally ill person committing murder.

Clifton's Apology (03:45)

Bouvier reads the letter Clifton wrote, apologizing for his actions. Hear Andy and Julie Bouvier's responses.

Brockville Community (04:21)

Clifton is open about his illness with a stranger in a coffee shop. He wants to be a "regular guy" but does not want to forget about his "crazy past." See an update on Clifton and Bouvier.

Credits: NCR: Not Criminally Responsible (One-hour version) (01:09)

Credits: NCR: Not Criminally Responsible (One-hour version)

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NCR: Not Criminally Responsible (One-hour version)

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While gripped by psychosis, a troubled young man stabs a complete stranger six times in a crowded shopping mall. Declared not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder, the young man, Sean Clifton, is confined to a forensic mental health institution. His victim, Julie Bouvier, miraculously survives, haunted by nightmares but relieved that her attacker has been locked safely away. Twelve years later, she is terrified to learn that Sean is out, living in the community under supervision. He’s applying for an absolute discharge, and if he succeeds, he’ll no longer be required to take the anti-psychotic drugs that control his mental illness. Directed by four-time Emmy® award winner John Kastner, this powerful film offers a timely and provocative examination of violence and mental illness, and the rights of victims. With unprecedented access to the patient, the victim, and the mental institution, the film looks at both sides of the debate and puts a human face on the complex ethical issues raised.

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