The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet: Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide 24 min.

What if there were "countries" the size of the average suburban household? What if they had their own rules, laws, and currencies? What if one of them almost brought the entire Internet to its knees? They’re called data havens, and they are the Switzerlands of the Internet: bunkers, caves, and sea fortresses, offering cybercriminals and freedom fighters alike the privacy to conduct unregulated inf...

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Breaking the Wall to Digital Democracy: How Socio-Physics Shapes the Future of Smart Societies 14 min.

As the development of the Internet of Things is taking up speed, connected devices are producing staggering amounts of data. Estimates say that by 2020, there will be 26 times more connected things than people – devices which will produce 400 zettabytes of data per year (one zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes). Managing this flood of data is one of the biggest challenges facing policy, industry and...

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Breaking the Wall to Mind Machines: How Deep Learning Can Give Birth to General Artificial Intelligence 15 min.

From chessbots to chatbots and from search algorithms to industrial assembly machines, humanity has arrived at the age of machine intelligence – or at least machine work, if we take seriously a definition of intelligence as “the abilities to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and handle abstract concepts, and use knowledge to manipulate one’s environment“ (Encyclopedia Brit...

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The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms 59 min.

In this program, Professor Marcus du Sautoy lifts the veil on algorithms that touch our lives every day; most of us are unaware of their extraordinary impact. The expansion in the use of algorithms has coincided with the computer age and the collation of big data. We focus on the most interesting and surprising examples which represent different categories of algorithms and look into the historica...

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Mobile Gold: The Promise of Urban Mining 48 min.

Our waste is worth money. Recovering it has started up a new global industry worth billions. It is called Urban Mining and it appears to be the solution for many of our environmental problems and our energy needs. A ton of broken mobile phones, computers or other electronic waste contains sixty times the amount of gold a ton of gold ore has. Moreover, it is easier to get at. It is estimated that 3...

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Diesel Engine Technology 20 min.

This video provides a detailed overview of diesel engine technology and theory, including: a walk through of a standard four-stroke cycle piston engine; an overview of the injection system; a review of the bottom end and cylinder block, with its pistons, crankshafts and bearings; and the cylinder head in the top end, including the head gasket, intake manifold, valve train, and more.

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Breaking the Wall of Medical Imprecision: How Responsive Nanomaterials Take Medicine to the Next Level 16 min.

Self-destruction mechanisms are not only a frequent feature of action movies, they are also the next big thing in nanomedicine. Think of tiny capsules that overcome complex barriers of the body and eventually dissolve, releasing substances to specific places – and at specific times. From self-healing materials, to nutrients, drugs, fat-burners and fragrances– smart polymers, nanoparticles, and hyd...

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The Age of Robots 312 min.

A six-part journey through state of the art of robotics and artificial intelligence. What is a robot? It is a shell for an artificial intelligence, a mechanical device capable of interacting with its environment, a machine that can autonomously perform an assigned task. Robots are also much more than this, something that escapes baseline definitions and has fascinated humanity for centuries. This...

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Bioinspired Robots: Age of Robots 53 min.

Robot makers recreate some of nature’s inner workings and mechanics to create a new class of artificial systems - Bioinspired Robots. In this episode we look underground at a new type of robotic plant that mimics the mechanics of plant roots. Insects serve as inspiration for several types of drones as well as a very peculiar jumping robot that resembles a cricket. We then dive underwater to see ro...

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The Bionic Man: Age of Robots 55 min.

From brains to eyes, hands to legs and deep down to the internal organs; implants, prosthesis and rehabilitation are entering a new era to potentially create a new type of human being - The Bionic Man. Mankind has long tried to find remedies to genetic or accidental disabilities with the use of artificial limbs. In the episode, we look at the some of the most interesting robotic limbs and see how...

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