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President Jerry Rawlings of Ghana (04:33)


Jerry Rawlings conducted coups in 1979 and 1981 to overthrow Ghana's corrupt government; Rawlings then served as Ghana's leader for nearly 20 years. Now out of power, Rawlings leads his National Democratic Congress Party in opposition of Ghana's current government.

June Arunga of Kenya (02:49)

At one time Kenya was thought of as an African "success story" but increasing poverty and corruption plague the country today. June Arunga is a 23 year old student from Nairobi who studies law in Britain.

June Arunga Meets Jerry Rawlings (02:54)

Law student June Arunga meets Ghana's former president Jerry Rawlings. The two prepare to tour sites across Africa where they will discuss a variety of issues regarding the continent's past and future.

Africa's Stunted Economic Development (05:16)

As colonialism waned in Africa the Cold War moved in; Cold War conflicts that played out in Africa held back development of many countries. June Arunga and Jerry Rawlings visit a market in Tanzania and discuss why African businesses fail to grow.

No Credit, No Cooperation, and Poverty (05:03)

The lack of credit available to help businesses grow is a fundamental problem across Africa. Jerry Rawlings believes another problem is that Africans do not cooperate well in working to end poverty; this problem might be overcome by more effective leadership.

Disconnected Institutions (02:02)

Many African countries inherited western legal and financial institutions that do not effectively serve the African people. Ordinary people also feel disconnected from legal systems that sometimes overlook justice and from aloof government leaders.

Slavery, Colonialism, and Corrupt Democracy (05:06)

Over the course of 11 centuries 20 million Africans were forced into slavery. Many Africans feel that the slave trade's impact still stunts the continent's development. Jerry Rawlings hopes African people can begin to focus on overcoming colonialism and corrupt democracies.

Creating Wealth from Gold Mines (04:20)

Africa's rich natural resources have been exploited by colonial rulers and by western multinational corporations but the African people have not shared in the wealth created. A gold mine in Tanzania models the kind of African collaboration that could foster economic progress across the continent.

Creating Wealth from Wildlife and Tourism (05:13)

African wildlife attracts foreign visitors and their money. Tourism is Tanzania's second-largest foreign exchange earner but that money does not filter through to villagers who cling to primitive ways.

Issues of Land Ownership (02:28)

Rural people all across Africa have no legal entitlement to the land they inhabit, which hinders transitions to market economies. Huge cultural obstacles impede land ownership reform because land is traditionally owned by the state or community, not by individuals.

AIDS (01:57)

AIDS claims over 6,000 African victims each day. Jerry Rawlings asserts Africans must impose a high degree of self discipline to contain the spread of HIV/AIDS while awaiting affordably priced drugs from the developed world.

Rwanda's 1994 Genocide (04:16)

The end of colonial rule in countries across Africa brought optimism for bright futures, but in countries like Rwanda independence renewed old tribal conflicts. In 1994 Rwanda's extremist Hutu government ordered the extermination of Tutsis and their moderate Hutu supporters; the genocide lasted 100 days.

Privatization in Rwanda (04:58)

Rwanda works to use foreign aid wisely to build its economy and become self-sufficient. Production of tea, one of its main exports, ceased during the genocide; the government hopes privatization of some tea plantations will increase exports.

Honoring Victims of Rwanda's Genocide (06:19)

June Arunga and Jerry Rawlings honor victims of Rwanda's 1994 genocide at a school where a massive slaughter took place. They meet with prisoners who took part in the killings, discuss mankind's savagery, and discuss the world's perception of Africa.

Visions for Africa's Future (02:01)

Reconciliation in Rwanda will take many years, as will overcoming the complex web of conflict, poverty, and disease that plagues Africa. Experienced leader Jerry Rawlings and future leader June Arunga express optimism and hope in their visions for a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous Africa.

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Africa: Who Is to Blame?



Corporate greed and vestigial colonialism are Africa’s worst enemies—or is homegrown leadership responsible for the continent’s troubles? This program explores that dichotomous question from the vantage point of former Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings and Kenyan law student June Arunga, who undertake a voyage of discovery through Ghana, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Visiting a struggling fishing village, a tribal hunting ground, an AIDS treatment center, an African-owned gold mine, and an eerily preserved site of genocidal slaughter, the program eloquently documents Rawlings’ and Arunga’s interaction with the socioeconomic dilemmas and everyday realities of African life. A BBCW Production. (60 minutes)

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