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Our Child Is Out of Control

Drawing on the experience of world-renowned therapists John and Julie Gottman, this program offers an intricate analysis of a young family’s emotional interactions. With seven video cameras operating throughout the family’s household over a three-day period, the Gottmans’ systematic approach uncovers disturbing connections between the couple’s precarious relationship and their 3-year-old son’s behavioral problems. With detailed documentation, in-depth study, and straightforward counseling sessions, the Gottmans transform closed doors into crystal clear windows. A Discovery Channel Production. (45 minutes)


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Only available in the US and Canada.

Corporal Punishment: "Loving Smacks"

Lives of violent crime, stunted sexuality, and attempted suicides are only some of the long-term results of physical punishment of children by their parents. In this gripping program, noted psychologists discuss the myths, justifications, and effects...(more details)
DVD $99.95
Best 10 1/4 Tips for Table Manners

Sport banquets, prom dates, and employee lunches are all events that require proper table manners. Good or bad, manners represent who you are. This video outlines important topics such as learning to "read" the table setting for clues, when to begin ...(more details)
DVD (Chaptered) $99.95

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