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Cells: An Introduction

In this virtual journey through the cell, viewers become familiar with cells and their properties. The program describes and shows examples of cells of many shapes and sizes, and explores the structure and functions of different types of cells. Eukaryotes and prokaryotes are defined, and plant and animal cells are compared. Emphasizing cells as the basic building blocks of all organisms, another segment describes the organization of cells and the formation of tissues, organs, and systems. The program concludes with an overview of the organelles and their functions. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (20 minutes)


Item#: FMK8229
Copyright date: ©1997
DVD ISBN 978-0-7365-6018-4

Part of the Series : A Journey Through the Cell
DVD $79.95
DVD + 3-Year Streaming $119.93
3-Year Streaming $79.95

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Scientific Method
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Circulatory System: The Plasma Pipeline
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Voyage Inside the Cell
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Cell Functions: A Closer Look
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $119.93
3-Year Streaming $79.95

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